George Washington Middle School

11:05 Dismissal on 5/18 and 6/1
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SMART Club is a book club with a twist. The letters in SMART stand for Snacking, Movies, and Reading, Talking. Club members, with the help of the sponsors, will begin by meeting after school and agree on a book that all of the students and sponsors will read. There is one catch, however: There also has to be a movie based on the selected book. Students will then have to read the book that was chosen and meet to discuss the book. After talking about the book, members will then view the movie version and compare/contrast the book with the movie.

Students who attend will receive delicious snacks. They must, however, provide their own drink. Any
student in grades 6-8 is welcome to join at any time. We meet twice a month, and students will be able to
take the 4 pm bus home.

Please note: On some occasions books will be available for the students to borrow, but at other
times students may have to find a copy of the selected book from a library or a friend. Members who have
attended consistently will be invited to the annual Holiday Party where pizza will be served and a book
exchange will take place. Many fun prizes will be awarded as well. Examples of book and movie
combinations that we have done in the past are How To Train Your Dragon, The Hunger Games, From
the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and The Witches. Like all
clubs, SMART Club is a great way to make new friends, discuss great books, and watch fascinating
movies! Students can also receive reading rally points for any books read as a part of SMART Club!