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Student Id Cards

February 12th, 2019
Last week, all students at George Washington Middle School received student IDs. Students must wear the IDs every day for identification and as a bus pass.
These IDs help provide increased student security, improve safety and accountability when taking the bus and also prepare students for the expectations of high school.
If your child loses their ID, a replacement ID will be printed immediately and given to them for the cost of $10. If your child forgets their ID at home, we will give them a temporary ID for $5. The cost is similar to Morton, LT and other middle schools in the area. Students who owe money for an id or any other reason will not be allowed to participate in year-end field trips or activities.
The school district provides free busing from the listed residence to GW, and then back to the listed residence. If your child needs to take a bus different than their assigned bus, please call the office. We will provide a one day pass to the student for their use that afternoon. Please be mindful that our buses are filled to capacity already, so adding additional students on a route can be problematic. We will be strictly enforcing the assigned bus routes starting March 1st.
Mr. Jones