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Mission Statement

The mission of George Washington Middle School is to: collaboratively establish high standards of learning, build community, and meet the emotional, social, academic needs of each student.

The Vision of George Washington Middle School is to:

Be Collaborative:
  • Build Mutual Trust & Support
  • Model Respectful Attitude & Actions
  • Be Team Centered
  • Share Best Practices
  • Have Open and Honest Communication
  • Value All Staff Members as Stakeholders
Establish High Standards of Learning:
  • Provide a Challenging & Viable Curriculum
  • Focus on Results and Data
  • Differentiate Instruction
  • Provide Clear Student Expectations & Accountability
  • Integrate technology
Build Community
  • Instill School Pride
  • Build Strong Teams
  • Serve the Community
  • Develop Partnerships
  • Engage Families
  • Provide Opportunities for Community Involvement
Meet the Social, Emotional and Academic needs of each student
  • Implement Timely Systematic Interventions
  • Foster Clear Behavior Expectations with Positive Behavior Supports
  • Provide Social Skills Instruction
  • Celebrate Student Success
  • Maintain Effective Advisory Classes
  • Develop Positive Relationships