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2023 AP Showcase

For future Mustangs & AP Potential Mustangs on Wednesday, December 6.

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Principal's Message

Welcome to George Washington Middle School,
At GWMS we are safe, we are respectful, and we are responsible! I am excited to continue the work we started last year.  Our learning community is passionate and that passion drives what we do.  Our students, families, and staff, work to ensure our school is a supportive community, making George Washington a special place to teach and learn.  I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of this school and to support the students and our staff.
We are continuing to focus our work on increasing student achievement. Having the support of our community is important.  Working together we will close achievement gaps and prepare our students for all that lies ahead of them.  Please look for increased opportunities to be involved in your student’s education and to provide feedback on your experience with our school. 
Some areas of focus for this school year include:
Community and Unity: Continue our work to grow relationships and solidify our Caring School Community objective. We want our students to be upstanders rather than bystanders and influencers.  Mean, unkind, and bullying has no place in academia.  Those behaviors are counter productive to helping our students achieve their learning potentials. 
Rigor and Relevance: We will work to attach relevance to the work our students are doing and continue to expand our rigor to meet students where they are in order to help them grow. 
Mission and Vision: In addition to revisiting the district Mission and Vision we will do the same at GWMS.  
Attendance Rates: We will also have an invigorated focus led by our new Dean of Students to work with students and families to increase attendance rates at GWMS.  
We look forward to another special school year with our students and their families.  Working together, we are confident that George Washington Middle School students will grow and have a positive experience.  Remember to watch for our Monthly Patriot Parent Newsletter and check out GWMS Patriot Facebook page for updates about school events and happenings.  
Warmest Regards,
Mr. Joshua D. Dakins, Sr. 
Principal and District Director of Safety