George Washington Middle School

Report cards go home on November 14th............Parent-teacher conferences on November 14th; Veterans Day Assembly and 11am dismissal on November 15th........

Principal's Message

On to 2nd quarter!
Report cards from 1st quarter will go home on November 14th. 
Fall Parent Teacher Conferences are November 14th!
 Open conferences are from 1pm to 4pm, and then again from 5pm to 650pm. Students leave at 1105am that day.
Our annual Veterans Day assembly will be on November 15th at 9am, with students leaving at 1105am that day.
Our mid-quarter reward for 2nd quarter will be held on November 26th, with student earning entrance to the assembly by missing less than 2 days of school, only having 1 or less detentions and no major discipline referrals.
Please reach out with any questions, comments, ideas or concerns.
Mr. Jones