Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year!

In Science this year, we're diving into the Life Science Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)! Hopefully, your child has already come home to tell you that we've been working hard and learning through exploration pretty much every day. While reading content is important, we'll be exploring and discovering so that questions are generated and students end up WANTING to read to find out why and how things are happening.
"Homework" in the traditional sense generally will happen only when a student doesn't finish an assignment we began in class. I plan things in class so that we have plenty of time to complete the lessons in class. Not all students are always able to finish everything. That's where homework may be necessary.
We will have projects that may need to be completed beyond the classroom as well. Time will be given in class, but there once again may be the need to finish at home.
Sometimes, students who take longer to complete an activity or laboratory that must be done in class due to the materials used, may need to stay after school, or to come back to class during morning Advisory period. I expect students to take the initiative to make sure that if they need to finish a lab due to absence or because it just took them longer, that they will talk to me about what they need and follow through with the assignment to completion.
Science grades are calculated based on a simple average, with each assignment having a different point value based on the complexity of the assignment.
I encourage students to re-do assignments if they feel they could do better, based on a breakthrough in understanding, not because they want a better grade. Copying off a friend who got a better grade, and turning the assignment back in just to get a better grade, without showing a renewed understanding of the subject matter, is not acceptable.
I REQUIRE students to re-do assignments if I can't read them, or if they are incomplete or they haven't followed directions. The purpose of all assignments are to learn, not to "get it done". If I feel students are not understanding the material, I may work with them individually or in a small group, and then ask them to re-do the assignment.
If you have questions or concerns about your child and his or her progress in Science, please don't hesitate to contact me. My email address is brandtt@sd103.com